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Winter is almost in the rear view and spring is on its way! Yards are cluttered with leaves, downed limbs and sticks, patiently waiting for their yearly manicure. While some would wait until early summer to begin prepping their mower for the weekly mowing routine, serious owners begin to get things ready in March. Now.

Here are some basic guidelines when it comes to getting your mower ready for action:


For every mower owner, getting the most out of your machine is paramount!  You will get more miles from your mower by following a few basic pre-season tips:

  1. Review and follow the owner’s maintenance manual instructions.

  2. Clean the mower deck using compressed air. 

  3. DO NOT pressure wash the machine. Avoid washing the control panel and electronic components with excessive water.

  4. Change the oil and oil filter.

  5. Change the fuel filter and air filter. 

  6. Check the hydraulic oil level.

  7. Grease fittings (deck height pivots, front wheel bearings, deck idler pulley, pump idler pulley, and the anti-scalp wheel).

  8. Check pump and deck belt tension and condition.

  9. Check tire pressure.

  10. Tighten lug nuts on wheels.

  11. Ensure the battery is fully charged. Replace if necessary. Inspect battery connections.

  12. Inspect the blades. If they have several nicks and dents, consider replacing them. If not, sharpen according to maintenance guidelines. 

  13. Visually inspect ROPS and mounting hardware.

  14. Fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel. If you didn’t treat the fuel in the fall, consider draining it first.

  15. Start the engine, running at half throttle for 5 minutes.

  16. Check steering control levers.

  17. Stop the engine and check for any leaks, loose fittings, loose bolts or pins. Tighten/adjust as necessary.

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Not everyone is comfortable servicing their mowing pride and joy.  Not to worry!  At Caldwell Equipment, you will find a solid team of skilled professionals, willing and able to give you a helping hand when it comes to readying your mower this spring.  For the maintenance or repair service you don’t know how to do, or don’t have time to do, we’re just a phone call away!

To schedule a full tune-up or service, fill out our short Service Request form. Leverage the skills of a Caldwell service professional, and give your mower the TLC it deserves this spring!

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