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Flex Forks – A Smoother Mowing Experience.

Flex forks are shock-absorbing front caster forks that
improve overall comfort, increase mowing efficiency, provide a more even cut, and can even maximize the life of your Hustler or BigDog zero turn.   

If you’ve been on any riding mower for an extended period of time, you’ll understand what it means to get operator fatigue.  The constant ups and downs of driving over bumps and ridges in your yard will get you worn out quickly – and that’s not good if you have a lot of lawn to mow.  With Flex Forks on your mower, those bumps will be significantly reduced.  You’ll experience less of this fatigue while tackling tough jobs, allowing you to mow for longer periods of time. 
Increased mowing speeds. Higher efficiency.

  • Mowing with a zero turn can be fun.  Really fun.  But let’s face it, sometimes it’s 97 degrees outside and you’d rather just hurry up and get it done. Because Flex Forks are designed to absorb shock, you’ll be able to mow at a faster rate and more comfortably!  Get more done in less time.  And that means more time hanging out with the family or increased profits if you’re a professional!    

FLEX FORKS. Almost like riding on air. Available for Hustler and BigDog zero turns.

Flex forks also provide a more even cut. 

  • Having these wonders on your machine will give you a smoother, more even cut, especially over uneven terrain. Working in conjunction with each Front Flex fork, the deck of the mower is able to move up and down independently smoothing out uneven turf.  

Maximize the life of your mower.  

  • How much did you pay for your mower?  You probably spent a good chunk of change on it, and you want to do all you can to protect that investment.  By absorbing impact,  Flex Forks lessen the wear and tear on your mower – that’s less stress on you and your machine! 

The difference between a zero-turn with Flex Forks and one without them is like night and day, especially when you’re mowing on uneven, bumpy terrain.  So no matter if you’re cutting grass at your home or you’re a professional lawn care company, flex forks will not only give you the comfort you need, they’ll give you a consistent cut and can even lessen the wear and tear on your mower!

Order your Flex Forks today – call (636) 586-9607!

Flex Forks are available for Hustler and BigDog turn mowers.

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