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What’s all the Buzz about a Zero-Turn mower?

Over the past several years the mowing industry has taken a radical shift from push and riding lawn mowers to the zero-turn mower. If you’ve never mowed with a zero-turn you may wonder why all the fuss? Do they REALLY make that much of a difference? At the onset they may seem like an oversized bumper car with a mowing blade underneath –  turning, spinning, zooming to and fro. But the zero-turn mower has revolutionized the mowing world for many reasons. 

Here are a few:


When it comes to spending time in the sun, and you have a choice to either walk and push or sit, sitting is definitely preferred. This is important because it’s less strenuous to maintain your lawn. Minimizing overall strain allows an individual to cover a large area and work faster and more comfortably. Zero-turn mowers give you a much smoother ride, even when compared to your traditional riding mower. Using a mower that reduces stress after a long day at work is a no-brainer! Spartan Mowers believes you should enjoy the mow! Our zero-turns help you do just that!!


Zero-turn mowers have unbelievable maneuverability as well as a perfect turning radius, which allows you to mow around and in between obstacles that you’ve normally not been able to. This will also result in less weed trimming. Due to their unique design, you are also able to easily move forward, backward, left, right, by just using two handles, each one located left and right of your seat. Instead of stopping the mower and shifting to reverse, you simply pull the handles back and you go in reverse! Simple! You can also achieve any degree of turn, whether it’s 180 or 360 degrees, by pushing/pulling the handles in small increments. Enhanced navigation control is also important when you’re mowing in areas with confined spaces.


Zero-turn mowers cut your mowing time in half. When you are first learning to mow with one, it will only take a few minutes to discover the way they handle and the way they can quickly conquer your lawn. Because of the shortened time it takes, most lawn care professionals prefer to use a zero-turn. Whether you are a homeowner or own a mowing business, finishing the job quickly and correctly is key!

Mowing with a Spartan will also allow you to cut 3 to 8.5 acres PER HOUR depending on which model you use. You would think that going faster would compromise the cut – but all Spartan zero-turn mower models have a higher blade speed which allows the machine to make perfect cuts regardless of the increased speed. This is all accomplished due to the horsepower Spartan builds into each machine (23 to 37 horses depending on model). 


When we say you will experience greater efficiency on a Spartan zero-turn, we aren’t just talking about miles per gallon. You will also experience time efficiency, grass blade cutting efficiency, and more! On a Spartan, you will also have the ability to change mowing deck height quickly. For a commercial lawn business, less time at one job will create more time to book more clients in a week. For the individual, less time mowing means more time to spend on other projects around the house! Less time mowing also means a reduced amount of fuel used. It’s a win-win!

Another huge factor when it comes to zero-turn mower efficiency is the blade width. Spartan mowers come with models that have mowing decks ranging from 48” to 72”. The wider the cut, the less time it will take to finish the job!


The last thing you need is to come home from a long day at work, only to endure a bumpy, loud, uncomfortable ride on your mower. The ride of a Spartan zero-turn will blow your mind! The days of pulling and tugging on a steering wheel are long gone, as well as enduring uncomfortable seats, and the long-lasting vibration you still feel after mowing on a traditional riding mower. 

In addition to many “Spartan Advantages” that promote a smooth ride, our “Smart Ride Technology” sets our mowers above the competition. Middle and back Elastomer TecsPak®,  as well as front neoprene cushioning, absorbs any shock and jostling. This, along with our soft ride rear radial tires and our frame design with neoprene torsion bar, makes our mowers the smoothest riding zero-turns on the planet. You will enjoy a full-suspension mower with adjustable seats, stress pads for your arms and elbows, vibration-controlled mowing deck, a Vanguard quiet-ride exhaust and MORE!


A zero-turn mower has the capability to not only clean-cut the grass, but you can also get creative and make perfect stripes on your lawn. Being able to easily maneuver the zero-turn, you can alternate mowing directions, allowing your creative side to come out! Also, note that a  slower spinning mower blade can leave your lawn unhealthy and slower-growing. The zero-turn is your grass blade’s best friend! 

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