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This demo has 16.5 hours on it. Windshield and roof accessories sold separately.

The utility vehicle is the latest innovation from Hustler and combines the industry's most popular features with LeveLift bed technology.

Flip a switch and the LeveLift brings the cargo box up, back, and down, enabling the user to load at ground level or at any point along the mechanism's arc of motion. Once loaded, the LeveLift brings the cargo box back up and into position on the MDV. With minimum time and effort, the cargo is loaded and on its way.

LeveLift bed technology also enables loads to be dumped at any height or distance along its arc of motion, providing users with more options for how and where the cargo is unloaded.
The Hustler MDV is available in a standard bed model or with LeveLift. The all-wheel drive MDV runs at a top speed of 37 mph and comes with a wide range of options and accessories available.

The "utility" from other utility vehicles comes only after you have the vehicle loaded. But with MDV's optional LeveLift technology, you get "utility" the moment you arrive at the job site. With a 750 lb lift capacity, LeveLift does the heavy lifting. Many loading and hauling jobs that used to require a crew of two or more can now be performed by just one person. Has a 37 mph top speed, 2WD/AWD, and a One-year limited warranty.


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