Demo Super S stand on commercial mower - Factory Warranty! 6 hours!!


$7,299 is the regular price
$7,049 is the price after a $250 Instant Cash Discount.
Payment would be $163.08/mo on the 3.99% for 54-month plan. Or choose 0% for 6 months and still get the Instant Cash Discount!

DEMO Super S 60"
- Kawasaki engine
- 23.5 hp
- 60" heavy duty mowing deck
- Exclusive SmoothTrak steering
- Ergonomic operator controls
- 8 mph top speed
- Only 6 hours!

The Hustler Super S is a heavy duty commercial stand-on mower that is truly a workhorse. Superior positioning for the operator makes navigating tight spaces easier than ever. With easy to navigate controls, and a compact stance, there isn't much this mower can't do.

This mower is a demo unit and will come with a FULL factory warranty!

If you are interested in this mower don't hesitate to call one of our Equipment Specialists today at (636) 586-9607.




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