Western Prodigy Contractor-Grade 8’7″ Snow Plow!


$5945 is the regular price
$5695 is the price after a $250 Instant Cash Discount.
Payment would be $133/mo on the 3.99% for 54-month plan. Or choose 0% for 6 months and still get the Instant Cash Discount!

Get done twice as fast as a standard plow! The wings know when to open and when to scoop at a simple touch of a button.

Sells with truck-specific mounts and wiring for your application included.

SnowEx Speedwing is almost identical to the Western Prodigy, except for the SnowEx exclusive $199 ScrapeMaxx accessory which adds hydraulic down-pressure!

This plow was only used for one season by our snow removal team! Under factory warranty through 10/30/2021!

Douglas Dynamics builds SnowEx, Western, Fisher and Blizzard plows. Douglas Dynamics has chosen SnowEx to be the line that it puts the latest generation of technology into. Best design of all the hitch systems, hydraulic down pressure option, taller moldboards than Prodigy and Wide-Out, and the most modern look and a color that looks good on all trucks! If you have a Western Ultra Mount or Ultra Mount 2, SnowEx plows can utilize the same mounts and wiring!


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