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Summer Lawn Care Tips

Effective Lawn Care Tips for Summer Generally Include:

  • Watering
  • Pest Control
  • Weeding
  • Fertilizing
  • Grasscycling
  • Mowing

Summer Watering Tips

Correct watering and adequate conservation are vital all year round, but it becomes especially important when hot and dry weather causes deficits of water or even drought.

During your summer lawn care regimen watering your grass in the early hours of the morning is important so the moisture will stay longer on the lawn. If your lawn is under drought stress, a quick irrigation cycle will help cool the plant down during the warm afternoons. The best time to do this is between 4 and 6 pm and allow the lawn to dry before the sun goes down. This will prevent the spread of disease. A sprinkler irrigation system is the easiest way to water your grass efficiently and at the right time. Consider integrating a smart sprinkler system that can be used with standard sprinklers and controlled by a smart device.

Lawn Pest Control

Maintaining proper lawn care throughout the year can keep your yard healthy and assist in preventing disease, weeds, and any unwanted lawn pests. Put a stop to these lawn pests before they become a problem. Fight outdoor pests by applying lawn treatments for ticks, service feeding insects, fire ants as well as other insects. 

Grub Control

In the summer, you might find grubs burrowing between the roots of grass that are preventing your lawn from being healthy. Grubs make it difficult to implement your summer lawn care routine as they often contribute to moles and brown patches. Trying to repair dead patches can be futile as the summer months press on. In order to minimize lawn damage, use grub control services as soon as you recognize a problem. 

Weed Free Yard

Another important aspect of proper summer lawn care is to keep your yard free of weeds. The excess sunlight can lead to increased weed growth in the summer. These fast-growing plants can harm your grass and keep it from being strong and healthy. 

Summer Fertilization

Fertilizer is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn during the summer. Summer fertilization will provide your soil with the nutrients it needs to grow green and lush despite the heat. The optimal time to start using fertilizer is during the early part of the summer to help prepare your lawn to withstand the hot and dry conditions of the season.


If you want to save on fertilizer, you can leave your grass clippings behind when you mow. This is another method of fertilization. Integrate this step into the beginning months of your summer lawn care routine for optimal results. This will help build a healthy lawn and save on fertilizer. 

Maintain Your Landscape

Maintaining your landscape is another important aspect of summer lawn care. Properly maintained landscaping can add dimension to your home while increasing its value. Though most people with lawns typically focus purely on their yard and grass, it can be equally important not to neglect your trees and shrubs. These plants make up your lawn’s landscape, and it’s important to keep them healthy.

Proper Mowing 

Proper mowing is an essential part of summer lawn care. Aim to keep your grass about three inches long throughout the growing season. In the summer, the best time to mow the lawn is mid-morning or early evening to avoid the hottest part of the day. As the summer progresses, routinely sharpen your mower blade or interchange it to maintain a clean cut. 

Also, it is integral to remain hydrated by drinking lots of water when you are doing any work outside.

Summer Lawn Care Services for All Yards

Depending on the size of your lawn, lawn care maintenance can be pretty overwhelming.  If you’re not up to the daunting task of doing it all yourself, our sister company, Caldwell Lawn Care can help!  Give them a call at 636-337-0606 or fill out their short form for a Free Estimate!  


Article source:  lawndoctor.com/summer_lawn_care_tips/

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